Thursday, 27 March 2014

Scallop Pocket Skirt

Using up some stretch cord and some cotton scraps I had in my stash I decided to design a little skirt for S. She got some cute little boots for Christmas and has a few skirts but as usual a waistband that fits with a length that’s not indecent are hard to find so I decided to make her something. We did some sketches and she liked the idea of having shapes on the pockets.

I put in some little scallop edged pockets with a contrast lining which turns down. I should have top stitched it because the lining moves a little when it’s worn and played in. But the design evolved during the making of it so that’s something to think about for next time...except I never seem to make anything twice! When I started making the skirt I hadn't planned to turn down the pockets but it looks really cute. S wasn't impressed that both the pockets were the same - she wanted some asymmetry it seems...everyone's a critic, especially 3 year olds!

I used the same floral print cotton for the facing on the waistband and for piping around the waistband. I got a bit confused making one of the pockets so one is finished with french seams and the other isn't!Wah!

I wanted to use this project to learn at least one new technique so I learnt how to make a welt pocket for the back of the skirt using the floral cotton for the welts and a blue and white polka dot cotton for the pocket lining. I used this youtubevideo which made the whole process seem very simple. I love this little pocket. Sweet.


  1. I love this idea. I have a 2 year old Granddaughter who I would love to start making clothes for. I have book marked the video, Thank you.

    1. Go for it, making childrens clothes is great fun and you use hardly any fabric so it's not a disaster if it goes wrong!

  2. Such a sweet skirt and cute girl. :)