Monday, 17 March 2014

Figgy's Banyan Trousers

 So this is my new blog. Previously I've been blogging about clothes I've made for myself under with my friend Sadie but having just had my second baby I wanted to do something a little different, more focused on being a Mum and making things for my children. So here it is...

Thought I'd start over the next few weeks with a little overview of some recent projects that didn't make it onto stichandsew, mainly because when I was pregnant I was just too tired to do anything other than the bare essentials.

First things first – I made a little boy, a new addition to our family. This opens up a whole world of sewing opportunities…need to get my thinking cap on!
In the sewing sense I meant to make all sorts of maternity clothes, but it just didn’t happen. I did make a few things for our little girl which I'll be posting about over the coming week, just to get back on track and get some projects up on the blog.

Figgy's do some great children's clothing patterns. I love the Banyan pattern set! I will definitely be making it endless times in the coming years, it's so useful, with  t-shirt, shorts and trousers all in one pack. I made these trousers for S for Christmas (her choice of fabric!). I’m really pleased with the result, although I had to take the elastic in rather a lot to fit her skinny waist (I did cut the waist a size smaller too). I kept the length for the larger size so they would last longer and because of needing to roll them up anyway I skipped the turn ups. I made sure I traced the pattern so I can use all the other sizes in the future.

I think they’d work better in a lighter weight fabric as the cord is quite bulky but they work as a sturdy pair of trousers for playing in.

The instructions on the pattern were easy to follow with handy diagrams but I still made a few mistakes so there's room for imrovement next time!
This was my first ever zip fly – I thought it was perfect until I did it up and the little zipper pull poked out. Grrrrr. I think needed to set the zip in more so it's covered by a larger flap, although the instructions didn’t mention that. Any tips anyone? Actually, in this size, with the elastic in the back and a popper closure I think l will do without the zip next time and sew the fly shut.

The finish is a bit dodgy in some places!
This is the first pair of trousers I’ve ever made so the finish on the inside isn’t as neat as I would have liked. Now I understand the construction better I’ll be able to plan in my seam finishes next time. I think flat fell seams would have been a better option for the inner leg seams.

The best thing is, because she chose the fabric and it’s a pair of trousers S loves to wear these. I couldn't get her to pose for a photo this time though - hence having to drape over the chair.

I'm doing a Craftsy course on sewing with knits at the moment and think I'll have a go at the Banyan t-shirt next and S is really keen on ahving some shorts too (More on the Craftsy course later).

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