Thursday, 11 September 2014

All you need Jammies from Heidi and Finn

This is going to be a short post but that in no way reflects on the pattern…I love it. I was part of the pattern test for Heidi and Finn’s ‘All you need jammies’ last week and made two pairs of Jammies in no time. The pattern was released yesterday (yes, I’m bit late on the old blog).

If you don’t know Heidi and Finn check out their Etsy shop – there are some great patterns for  cool, practical kid’s clothes. All available in downloadable PDF’s…for my clothes I’m starting to prefer the old fashioned paper patterns that you don’t have to spend all evening trying to print out and piece together but for kids clothes there are hardly any pieces so it’s fine.

Here’s the Jammies…

This is a really easy pattern to sew up and it comes with a gathered top/nightie too…S loves her cat jammies so much she wants to wear them as day clothes. When you don’t have a massive amount of money to spend on sewing you want to get pattern that will really work for you so this is perfect, it can be day wear just as easily as night wear and the pattern goes up to age 12 so it’ll be a real staple for me.

I made a shortie set too, the striped fabric is an old t-shirt I recycled and the blue an off cut from a top I made myself…more free clothes! S just started school so no pics of that one...I know when not to push my luck!!

I've decided S has plenty of clothes so going to make some things for me now...and start on the odd Christmas present...did I just say that in September!?

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